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Temperature Control in Catalytic Cracking Reactors Via a Robust PID Controller
Journal of Process Control (2002)
  • Ricardo Aguilar-López
  • Alexandr Poznyak
  • Rafael Martínez-Guerra
  • Rafael Maya-Yescas

The stabilization of fluid catalytic cracking reactors is tackled in this paper. A robust PID control law is developed in order to control the outlet reactor temperature. The suggested control is based on a reduced order model of the reactor given by a system of ordinary differential equations. The controller is synthesized using an input/output linearizing control law coupled to a proportional-derivative reduced order observer to infer on-line the unknown heat of reaction. The proposed control algorithm leads to a classical PID structure. New tuning rules are given, based on the system structure, estimations and closed-loop time constants. This control strategy turns out to be robust against model uncertainties, noisy temperature measurements and set point changes. The performance of the reaction temperature in a tubular riser reactor is numerically compared when the proposed control scheme and standard PID controllers are applied.

  • FCC,
  • PID control,
  • robust temperature regulation,
  • tubular reactor,
  • tuning rules
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Ricardo Aguilar-López, Alexandr Poznyak, Rafael Martínez-Guerra and Rafael Maya-Yescas. "Temperature Control in Catalytic Cracking Reactors Via a Robust PID Controller" Journal of Process Control Vol. 12 Iss. 6 (2002)
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