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Design and Characteristics of a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus
  • Radek Glaser, University of Maine - Main
  • Jesse Haines, University of Maine
  • Christopher Knight, University of Maine
A Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus, also known as Kolsky Bar that is capable of conducting compressive strain rate testing in the approximate ranges from 50 to 10^4 in/in per second was designed as a part of a Senior Design Project. Generally, this device is similar to that first used by Kolsky in 1949. The design of this device is presented here in two stages: 1. Research, design and manufacturing of the Stress Generating System 2. Experimental Part – Testing of the apparatus to obtain necessary data. The present phase of the design was focused mostly on the stress generating system for the apparatus. Final experiments were conducted to obtain the calibration curve and the shapes of generated waves. Not only the description of the design process is presented, but also the final details including the assembly and testing are given. Also some valuable suggestions for future work that is necessary to the make the apparatus better is given.
  • material testing,
  • acoustic waves,
  • compressive strain rate
Publication Date
Spring May 10, 2007
Citation Information
Radek Glaser, Jesse Haines and Christopher Knight. "Design and Characteristics of a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus" (2007)
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