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Connectivist Learning and the Role of Librarians
The Workshop for Instruction in Library Use
  • Rachel Sandieson, Western University
  • John Barnett, Western University
  • Vance McPherson
Ignite Talks
Start Date
22-5-2014 1:15 PM
End Date
22-5-2014 2:15 PM

Connectivism is an epistemological approach to learning grounded in the interactions within networks (Downes, 2012). What does Connectivism look like in an online course? How do librarians and information literacy instruction fit in? Based on our research at Western University, we will introduce you to Connectivist learning theory and its potential uses.

Citation Information
Rachel Sandieson, John Barnett and Vance McPherson. "Connectivist Learning and the Role of Librarians" (2014)
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