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Connectivism: 21st Century Learning in Action
Research Day (Arts & Humanities, FIMS, and Education)
  • John Barnett, Western University
  • Vance McPherson, Western University
  • Rachel Sandieson, Western University
Start Date
19-3-2012 3:00 PM

“Teaching in the Virtual World” was a Masters level course in the Faculty of Education, delivered entirely online through WebCT Owl. There were 18 participants including the instructor. Each student created and taught one module on a topic in which they had experience or interest. Each module contained curriculum materials prepared by the student and a discussion that they facilitated and moderated.

This research aims to explore the practical application of Connectivist learning theory in a Masters course called “Teaching in the Virtual World” from the viewpoints of three course participants – the instructor and two students.

Citation Information
John Barnett, Vance McPherson and Rachel Sandieson. "Connectivism: 21st Century Learning in Action" (2012)
Available at: