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About Rachel A. Ramsey

My name is Rachel Ramsey, and I am a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing at IPFW. I teach courses in professionalism, medical-surgical nursing, and advanced acute care nursing.
Since 2002, the American public has ranked nursing as the most trusted profession because of their honesty and high ethical standards (ANA, 2014). It is through teaching and modeling the art and science of nursing that nurse educators can ensure the nursing profession retains this social honor.

The process of becoming a professional nurse is dynamic and complex. Nursing students must not only acquire clinical skills and knowledge, but also must develop professional behaviors and attitudes. I believe nursing students best develop, hone, and apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes in a caring, civil, and professional atmosphere; when taught by a knowledgeable, ethical, and compassionate team of instructors and professors; and when given ample opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skill. I believe it is my professional duty to ensure these circumstances exist and to serve as a quality role-model and mentor for students.

As both a nurse and an educator, I am committed to staying current on evidence-based teaching methods, clinical best practices and knowledge, and modern healthcare environments to ensure students learn the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to navigate complex healthcare systems, work effectively with the healthcare team, and provide safe, quality patient care. Imparting on students the values of the nursing profession, and equipping with them with the tools for successful nursing practice will ensure nursing is continually recognized as an ethical, honest, and trustworthy profession.
American Nurses Association. (2014). Nurses retain top spot for most ethical. The American Nurse. Available at


Present Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

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