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Filiae Augustorum: The Ties That Bind in the Antonine Age
Classical World
  • Rachel Meyers, Iowa State University
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While the titles of imperial family members on Roman coins have been used to establish chronology, I argue that the specific titulature on the coins of Faustina II and Lucilla promotes their roles as the ties among three emperors. Though other scholars have commented on their basic roles, crucial evidence for how the Antonines promoted the roles of these women has been overlooked. By highlighting this intentional language compared to coins of prior imperial women, I show that Faustina and Lucilla not only represented the continuing harmony of the empire during the Antonine Age but also legitimated the rule of their husbands.

This article is from Classical World, no. 109 (2016): 487-505. Posted with permission.

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Rachel Meyers. "Filiae Augustorum: The Ties That Bind in the Antonine Age" Classical World Vol. 109 Iss. 4 (2016) p. 487 - 505
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