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Making a Murderer, Brain Fingerprinting, and the Ownership of Thoughts
The Prindle Post
  • Rachel Robinson-Greene, Utah State University
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In 2015, Netflix released the first season of the docu-series Making a Murderer. The series follows the story of convicted murderer Steven Avery. Avery’s case is noteworthy because, in 1985, he was wrongfully convicted for the rape and attempted murder of Penny Beernsten. The Innocence Project used DNA technology that did not exist at the time at which Avery was convicted to prove that Avery was innocent and that a different man had committed the crime. Avery was released in 2003 and subsequently filed a $36 million lawsuit for unlawful conviction against Manitowoc County, among others.

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Robison-Green, Rachel. "Making a Murderer, Brain Fingerprinting, and the Ownership of Thoughts". The Prindle Post.