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Know Thyself
Philosophy Pathways (2010)
  • Raam P Gokhale

An Imagined Dialog on Eastern and Western Philosophy and the Nature of Knowledge

  • Eastern,
  • Western,
  • Philosophy,
  • Knowledge,
  • Raam Gokhale,
  • Kedar Joshi,
  • Robert Nozick,
  • Beliefs
Publication Date
Fall September 21, 2010
Publisher Statement
In his thought-provoking dialogue which makes a useful introduction to Epistemology, Raam Gokhale considers a number of ways of defining knowledge which claim to be more informative than the man-in-the-street's definition of knowledge as just another name for true belief. Beliefs which are merely true by luck or accident don't count as genuine 'knowledge'. Or do they? What makes the difference, if there is one?
Citation Information
Raam P Gokhale. "Know Thyself" Philosophy Pathways Iss. 156 (2010)
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