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About Raam P Gokhale

Raam Gokhale (born 1961, Bombay) is a writer/philosopher/poet currently residing in Pune, India. Most of his life (38 years) was spent in the US where he did his MA, MPhil in Philosophy and ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries), in Actuarial Science. He has published several philosophical dialogues as well as some more 'academic' papers. He has also published the autobiographical novel 'Am I Still Me?' available on The novel contrasts his experiences in the U.S.--which include working on 9/11 in the World Trade Center (31st floor)--with life as a writer in India. At present he is working on a new novel about the complex relationship between a mathematician and a philosopher who represent a bifurcation of his main interests into a female narrator and a male friend/love interest.

Curriculum Vitae

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Metaphysics (2)

Epistemology (2)

Philosophy of Science (2)

Philosophy of Mind (3)

Decision Theory (1)

Political Philosophy (2)

Philosophy of Religion (1)

Ethics (3)

Aesthetics (2)

Metaphysical Poetry (3)

Poetry After Marriage (3)