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Prosecutorial Ethics
  • R. Michael Cassidy, Boston College Law School

This casebook explores the ethical responsibilities of a prosecutor at each stage of the criminal justice process. Focusing on ethical and constitutional constraints on prosecutorial discretion, the texts covers both Supreme Court decisions interpreting Fifth and Sixth Amendment guarantees and state rules of attorney conduct. Topics discussed include a prosecutor’s conduct during criminal investigations, charging decisions, grand jury practice, interviewing and contacting witnesses, plea bargaining, jury selection, trial conduct, and publicity. Each chapter is followed by real-world hypotheticals designed to introduce students to the ethical dilemmas typically encountered by government lawyers in criminal practice. This book is suitable for use in an upper level professional responsibility seminar, or in a criminal justice clinic. Pertinent provisions of the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Standards for Criminal Justice are included in an appendix.

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R. Michael Cassidy. Prosecutorial Ethics. 2ndSt. Paul, MN(2013)
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