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Unpublished Paper
A 24μm Point Source Catalog of the Galactic Plane from Spitzer/MIPSGAL
The Astronomical Journal (2015)
  • R. A Gutermuth, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Mark Heyer

In this contribution, we describe the applied methods to construct a 24 μm based point source catalog derived from the image data of the MIPSGAL 24 μm Galactic Plane Survey and the corresponding data products. The high quality catalog product contains 933,818 sources, with a total of 1,353,228 in the full archive catalog. The source tables include positional and photometric information derived from the 24 μm images, source quality and confusion flags, and counterpart photometry from matched 2MASS, GLIMPSE, and WISE point sources. Completeness decay data cubes are constructed at 1' angular resolution that describe the varying background levels over the MIPSGAL field and the ability to extract sources of a given magnitude from this background. The completeness decay cubes are included in the set of data products. We present the results of our efforts to verify the astrometric and photometric calibration of the catalog, and present several analyses of minor anomalies in these measurements to justify adopted mitigation strategies.

  • Milky Way
Publication Date
January 5, 2015
Prepublished version downloaded from ArXiv. Published version is located at
Citation Information
R. A Gutermuth and Mark Heyer. "A 24μm Point Source Catalog of the Galactic Plane from Spitzer/MIPSGAL" The Astronomical Journal (2015)
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