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Unpublished Paper
Star Cluster Formation and Feedback
Protostars and Planets VI (2014)
  • Mark R. Krumholz
  • Matthew R. Bate
  • Hector. G. Arce
  • James E. Dale
  • R. A Gutermuth, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Richard I. Klein
  • Zhi-Yun Li
  • Fumitaka Nakamura
  • Qizhou Zhang
Publication Date
Prepublished version downloaded from ArXiv. Published version is located at
Citation Information
Mark R. Krumholz, Matthew R. Bate, Hector. G. Arce, James E. Dale, et al.. "Star Cluster Formation and Feedback" Protostars and Planets VI (2014)
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