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Focus on Frequency: A Comparison of First-year German Vocabularies
Masters Theses
  • Ronald Eric Johnson, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Date of Award
Degree Type
Degree Name
Master of Arts
Major Professor
Chauncey J. Mellor
Committee Members
Stefanie Ohnesorg, Sébastian Dubreil
Subject Categories
Foreign language teachers, experts of pedagogy, and textbook publishers often cite frequency as an important tool in the creation of textbooks, as well as in teaching students a foreign language. These same figures, however, rarely question the application of frequency in these works. This thesis examines the application of frequency over a range of first-year German textbooks compared to a textbook that is explicitly based on a particular frequency dictionary. These textbooks are compared to each other and to the Jones and Tschirner Frequency Dictionary of German and Pfeffer’s Grunddeutsch: Basic (Spoken) German Word List, Grundstufe.
Citation Information
Ronald Eric Johnson. "Focus on Frequency: A Comparison of First-year German Vocabularies" (2010)
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