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Injectable Nano-Network for Glucose-Mediated Insulin Delivery
ACS Nano
  • Zhen Gu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Alex A. Aimetti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Qun Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Tram T. Dang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yunlong Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Omid Veiseh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Hao Cheng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Daniel G. Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Diabetes mellitus, a disorder of glucose regulation, is a global burden affecting 366 million people across the world. An artificial “closed-loop” system able to mimic pancreas activity and release insulin in response to glucose level changes has the potential to improve patient compliance and health. Herein we develop a glucose-mediated release strategy for the self-regulated delivery of insulin using an injectable and acid-degradable polymeric network. Formed by electrostatic interaction between oppositely charged dextran nanoparticles loaded with insulin and glucose-specific enzymes, the nanocomposite-based porous architecture can be dissociated and subsequently release insulin in a hyperglycemic state through the catalytic conversion of glucose into gluconic acid. In vitro insulin release can be modulated in a pulsatile profile in response to glucose concentrations. In vivo studies validated that these formulations provided improved glucose control in type 1 diabetic mice subcutaneously administered with a degradable nano-network. A single injection of the developed nano-network facilitated stabilization of the blood glucose levels in the normoglycemic state (<200 mg/dL) for up to 10 days.

Reprinted from "Injectable Nano-Network for Glucose-Mediated Insulin Delivery" by Zhen Gu, Alex A. Aimetti, Qun Wang, Tram T. Dang, Yunlong Zhang, Omid Veiseh, Hao Cheng, Robert S. Langer, and Daniel G. Anderson ACS Nano 2013 7 (5), 4194-4201 Copyright 2013 American Chemical Society
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American Chemical Society
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Zhen Gu, Alex A. Aimetti, Qun Wang, Tram T. Dang, et al.. "Injectable Nano-Network for Glucose-Mediated Insulin Delivery" ACS Nano Vol. 7 Iss. 5 (2013) p. 4194 - 4201
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