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An Augmented Reality Basketball Game for the Environment
Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research
  • Alexis X. Araiza, Boise State University
  • Quincy Conley, (Mentor), Boise State University
The purpose of this presentation is to share a fun and interactive game designed to encourage users to properly dispose of their waste, even those users who might not be particularly interested or passionate about the health of the environment. Using augmented reality technology with mobile devices, the application will be based on the game of trash can basketball where the user is rewarded for properly disposing of different types of waste a basket. The game will automatically record the throw and it will keep track of the times they successfully ‘throw’ the trash in the basket versus when they miss. This is in the hopes of awakening the competitive spirit among players, giving them a stronger purpose to keep disposing of waste in a more frequent manner while still having fun. While simple, this project is important because it offers users entertainment and satisfaction of contributing in a positive way to society. Finally, this project will offer me the opportunity to improve my expertise to take on bigger, more influential developer projects in the future.
Poster #W4
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Alexis X. Araiza and Quincy Conley. "An Augmented Reality Basketball Game for the Environment"
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