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Advancement in online education: Exploring the best practices Volume 2
  • Qiuyun Lin, SUNY Plattsburgh

This two-volume book series on online education consists of a current collection of research contributed by authors from different nations in different disciplines. The book series takes a global perspective, examining the skills needed for online education and looking to see how people around the world view the concepts and components that make up an online learning environment. Most of the collections are research-based practices that have been done through the years. Volume One first discusses the many challenges presented in transition to the online education environment, explains needed supports and paradigm changes, and offers appropriate approaches for meeting these challenges; then it portrays new networking tools for an interactive, hands-on learning environment, describes users’ preferences in using some networking tools for learning, and demonstrates innovative ways to design and implement virtual laboratories. [Description from publisher]

Publication Date
Qiuyun Lin
Nova Science Publishers
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Qiuyun Lin. Advancement in online education: Exploring the best practices Volume 2. New YorkVol. 2 (2012)
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