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An evaluation of charter school effectiveness
Education (2001)
  • Qiuyun Lin, SUNY Plattsburgh

Based on data mainly from California, Arizona, and Michigan charter school studies, the paper evaluates charter school effectiveness in the four aspects (student achievement, student demographic, school funding, and teacher efficacy and empowerment) with the result that one (student achievement) meets expectation (ME); two (school funding, teacher efficacy and empowerment) narrowly meet expectation (ME--); one (student demographic) needs improvement (NI). The result shows that charter schools are not as successful as what has been claimed by the politicians. The paper offers some recommendations and concludes that unless charter schools begin living up to some of the assumptions that have so far propelled them, it is time to reassess this magic bullet of school reform.

  • charter schools,
  • educational innovations,
  • academic achievement,
  • teacher effectiveness
Publication Date
Fall 2001
Citation Information
Qiuyun Lin. "An evaluation of charter school effectiveness" Education Vol. 122 Iss. 1 (2001)
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