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About Qiuyun Lin

Qiuyun Lin is an Associate Professor in Teacher Education. Prior to joining the faculty, she worked as an English teacher in China for 5 years, and a college faculty member in both China and USA for 13 years. She holds an Ed.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MA from Fujian Teachers University, China. Her intercultural experiences as an educator and a learner in two different countries provide her rich sources of inspiration for teaching and scholarship. She has published more than 60 peer-reviewed research articles in core education journals such as Journal of Interactive Learning Research, Internet and Higher Education, Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Journal of Educational Research, Early Education and Development, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Action in Teacher Education, Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education, and Early Childhood Education Journal.
Her life-long passion is to search for the “middle ground” between teacher-directed and student-centered learning, between theory and practice, and between east and west cultures. This passion has led her to examine hybrid, interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to teaching and learning. In her book “Becoming an Innovative Teacher Educator: Designing and Developing a Successful Hybrid Course,” she has researched the possibilities of hybrid approaches to blend the best of both worlds in teacher education; and in her edited book series, “Advancement in Online Education: Exploring the Best Practices (Vol. I & Vol. II),” she has collected interdisciplinary, international perspectives in online education, with contributors from 12 different nations. To bridge the gap between theory and practice, she has not only analyzed large-scale secondary data with nationally representative samples as a researcher, but collected primary data from her own classrooms as a practitioner. She is currently engaged in a series of projects that investigate optimal ways to bridge east and west cultures to benefit the language-minority children from East Asian countries.


Present Associate Professor, Teacher Education Unit, SUNY Plattsburgh

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  • CLG 554 Research Design and Methods
  • EDU 5180 Practitioner Research in Education I : Planning Research
  • EDU 5280 Practitioner Research in Education II: Conducting Research
  • EDU 5130 Assessment in Education
  • EDU5202 Assessment Methods
  • EDU 5110 Child Development for Education Professionals
  • EDU 5120 Adolescent Development for Education Professionals
  • EDU 475 Practitioner Research in the Classroom
  • EDM 453 Methods of Teaching Math
  • EDU 371 Psychological Foundation in Elementary Education
  • EDU 335 Math/Science Integration
  • EDU 240 Social Contexts in Learning II
  • EDU 230 Social Contexts in Learning I
  • EDU 120 Ethics, Relationships and Multicultural Competencies in Education
  • EDU118 Human Development

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