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Computer Graphics 1987: Proceedings of CG International '8
Faculty Books and Monographs
  • Tosiyasu L. Kunii
  • Qiuming Zhu, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Editor: Tosiyasu L. Kunii Chapter, A Two-phase Fast Hidden-line Removal Algorithm, authored by Qiuming Zhu, UNO faculty member. Recent developments in computer graphics have largely involved the following: Integration of computer graphics and image analysis through computer data structure; integration of CAD/CAM as computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) through the design and simulation of manufacturing processes using computer graphics; progress in basic research on the modeling of complex and mathematical graphic objects, such as computational geometry, graphic data bases, hierarchical windows, and texture; use of computer graphics as an improved human interface to present information visually and multidimensionally; and advancement of industrial technology and computer art based on developments in the areas listed above. These trends are strongly reflected in the contents of the present volume either as papers dealing with one particular aspect of research or as multifaceted studies involving several different areas. The proceedings comprise thirty selected, previously unpublished original papers presented in nine chapters.
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Computer Science

Zhu, Q. (1987). A Two-phase Fast Hidden-line Removal Algorithm In T.L. Kunii (Ed.), Computer Graphics 1987 (59-72). New York, NY: Springer-Verlag.

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Tosiyasu L. Kunii and Qiuming Zhu. "Computer Graphics 1987: Proceedings of CG International '8" New York, NY(1987)
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