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About Qilong Zhang Dr.

Dr. Qilong Zhang is a senior lecturer in early childhood teaching at Waiariki Institute of
Technology, New Zealand. His teaching areas include professional practice, professional
practitioner as a researcher and legislation in a professional context. His current research
interests include emergent literacy, parental involvement, parent–teacher partnership,
children’s agency and preschool assessment.


Present Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, Waiariki Institute of Technology, New Zealand

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Contact Information

Waiariki Institute of Technology
Mokoia Drive, Rotorua, New Zealand
Private Bag 3028, Rotorua 3046


Refereed journal articles (9)

Whose decision is it? Unpacking shared decision-making as a component ...
New Zealand Research in Early Childhood Education (2016)
Qilong Zhang
Despite the partnership rhetoric, early childhood education practitioners have found it difficult to establish a genuine partnership with parents, and this is in part due to the tensions in shared decision-making – one component of partnership. The aim of the study is to investigate approaches to mediating such tensions by teachers and parents. The study is of a two-stage design. The pilot stage involves semi-structured interviews with teachers and parents from one kindergarten on their experiences with shared decision-making, which captures typical dilemmatic situations of shared decision-making. The main stage explores a sum total of the approaches to resolving the three dilemmatic situations captured in the pilot stage based on interviews with teachers and parents from two kindergartens and eight childcare centres. Data analysis generates three themes each of which forms a continuum of mediatory dimension, and the three interrelated continua form a conceptual model that helps the practitioners to intentionalise and theorise their practice of shared decision-making in local contexts. Full reference:Zhang, Q. (2016).Whose decision is it? Unpacking shared decision-making as a component of partnership in New Zealand early childhood ...

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