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About Qiangfei Xia

The current research interests of our group can be best described by our 'Research Pyramid' as shown on the right.
Moore's Law, which predicts that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 18 months, has become a principle for the IC industry in delivering more and more powerful semiconductor chips at decreasing cost per transistor. However, there is plenty of but not unlimited room at the bottom. Continuing evolution of electronics beyond the scaling limit requires revolutionary vision and broad thinking across disciplines. In the post-CMOS era, there are great needs for novel devices, disruptive technologies, alternative computer architecture and advanced materials.
Our lab is devoted to addressing some of the aforementioned issues. Specifically, we are focusing on emerging nanodevices such as high performance resistive switching devices (memristors) and their working mechanisms, integrated nanosystems with applications in unconventional computing and beyond, and enabling nanotechnologies such as 3D heterogeneous integration and high-rate nanofabrication techniques with single-digit resolution.


Present Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Comptuer Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Contact Information

201D Marcus Hall
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst MA 01003
Tel: 413-545-4571


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