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The Real Face of the New World Order
Politikon (2004)
  • Qerim R. QERIMI, University of Prishtina

The paper examines the main themes of the connections between globalization and terrorism that appeared in academic literature since the attacks of the September 11, 2001. The events of September 11, 2001 have had profound and far-reaching effects on the world. The fundamental issues about sovereignty and the consequences that the event of September 11th has brought to a crisis are to be addressed. The methodological principles arrived at through the discussion of contemporary theory and practice of the International Relations, which combines textual interpretation with the reference to the contemporary political developments in the world affairs. In concluding, it asserts that global terrorism depends on the success of globalization. International cooperation and multilateral efforts, however, must remain the spirit of the world to come.

  • Globalization,
  • International Security,
  • Sovereignty,
  • Terrorism
Publication Date
April, 2004
Citation Information
Qerim R. QERIMI. "The Real Face of the New World Order" Politikon Iss. 7 (2004)
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