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Unpublished Paper
Eureka! Winning Ways: Analysis of Early Client Experiences
Report for National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (2008)
  • Lynne Manrique
  • Kamau Bobb
  • David Roessner
  • Jan Youtie
  • Philip Shapira, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a longstanding record of helping small- and medium-sized (SME) manufacturers to identify and implement technologies and practices that improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality. More recently, MEP has begun to build a growth services portfolio to assist manufacturers with the development of new products, new customers, and new markets. Its first growth services offering, called Eureka! Winning Ways (E!WW), was piloted in late 2006 and has been implemented widely since the beginning of 2008. To explore the nature of early E!WW client experiences, as well as inform MEP’s planning for potential future growth services offerings and improve its current growth services, NIST MEP contracted with SRI International and Georgia Tech (as a subcontractor to SRI) in order to conduct case studies of eight Eureka! Winning Ways client engagements and to analyze similarities and differences across the cases. The objective of the case studies and the cross-case analysis is two-pronged: -- To provide detailed contextual information and analysis of key factors that have affected the E!WW program’s implementation and outcomes to date; and -- To delineate the profile of E!WW clients that choose to participate in the process and to define the results (or lack thereof) generated through participation, so that MEP can estimate the universe of potential participants in E!WW.
  • MEP,
  • manufacturing extension,
  • industrial extension,
  • Eureka,
  • SME,
  • mentoring
Publication Date
August, 2008
Citation Information
Lynne Manrique, Kamau Bobb, David Roessner, Jan Youtie, and Philip Shapira. Eureka! Winning Ways: Analysis of Early Client Experiences. Report for National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Extension Partnership. SRI International and Georgia Institute of Technology, August 2008.