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Partnering with Universities: A Good Choice for Nanotechnology Start-up Firms
Small Business Economics (2012)
  • Jue Wang, Florida International University
  • Philip Shapira
The role of universities in supporting economic development has been explored in studies emphasizing the mechanisms of technology transfer and knowledge spillover. However, in addition to these forms of intellectual capital, university scientists bring other resources into research collaboration and contribute to firm partnerships in both direct and indirect ways. This paper develops the concept of resource spillover, which captures the various ways in which firms can benefit from collaborations with university scientists. The study categorizes the resources possessed by university scientists into intellectual capital, social capital, and positional capital, and tests the impact of each on the performance of firms. Using a sample of new nanotechnology-based firms in the USA, the study finds that the benefits to firms from university scientist research collaboration include enhancements to perceived research capacity and technology potential, which in turn may increase chances of securing external funding.
  • entrepreneurship,
  • innovation,
  • resource spillover,
  • university-industry relationship,
  • nanotechnology
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Jue Wang and Philip Shapira. "Partnering with Universities: A Good Choice for Nanotechnology Start-up Firms" Small Business Economics Vol. 38 Iss. 2 (2012)
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