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Unpublished Paper
Innovation for the Manchester City Region: A Discussion Paper
  • Philip Shapira
  • Michael Luger, University of Manchester
  • Elvira Uyarra, University of Manchester
  • Chiara Marzocchi
After considering what is meant by innovation, we conceptualize the uses and sources of innovation at the level of a city-region. We suggest that this conceptualization, drawing on frameworks available in the literature, can provide a useful basis both for interpretation and policy operationalization. We then consider examples from practice, drawing on mini-case studies of innovation strategies in selected multi-area metropolitan agglomerations in other countries. This leads to a discussion of grand challenges and implementation problems of innovation facing the Manchester city-region. Finally, we consider implications strategy development and for the Manchester city-region innovation prospectus itself.
  • innovation policy,
  • innovation practices,
  • city-regions
Publication Date
May, 2009
Citation Information
Philip Shapira, Michael Luger, Elvira Uyarra and Chiara Marzocchi. "Innovation for the Manchester City Region: A Discussion Paper" (2009)
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