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US Manufacturing Extension Partnerships: Technology Policy Reinvented
Research Policy (2001)
  • Philip Shapira
The US manufacturing extension partnership (MEP) is examined as an example of the new partnership paradigm in US technology policy. The MEP provides technology assistance services, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Influenced by aims to reinvent government and reorient technology policy, the MEP seeks to be comprehensive, collaborative, and demand-driven. However, the MEP’s partnered management style is constrained by political and industrial systems that continue to operate on traditional lines. After probing these tensions, the paper offers insights for the MEP’s future development and for other technology and innovation policies that seek to emulate the MEP’s partnership approach.
  • manufacturing extension,
  • technology policy,
  • partnerships,
  • United States
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Philip Shapira. "US Manufacturing Extension Partnerships: Technology Policy Reinvented" Research Policy 30.6 (2001): 977-992.