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Investigating urban sprawl using remote sensing and GIS technology
Imagin[e,g] Europe (2010)
  • Przemysław Kupidura
The paper concerns the analysis of urban sprawl. The presented example of Lomianki – the municipality situated in the neighbourhood of Warsaw – capital city of Poland, shows dynamic changes of rural-urban fringe, called sub-urbanization. This kind of process is characterized by incoherence of spatial structure, disproportions between development of built-up areas and transport network, underdevelopment of service built-up areas and public spaces and mixing of urban and rural structures. Such a dynamic development leads also to an increasing of area of sealed (impermeable) zones, what is very important due to water economics. The multi-temporal dataset of aerial and satellite images from 1977 to 2007 has been used for the extraction of zones of different land use classes and for determining of sealed areas. The dynamics of these processes: increase of built-up areas and sealed areas has been showed using remote sensing and GIS technology.
  • Remote Sensing,
  • GIS,
  • Urban Sprawl
Publication Date
Ioannis Manakos, Chariton Kalaitzidis
Citation Information
Przemysław Kupidura. "Investigating urban sprawl using remote sensing and GIS technology" ChaniaImagin[e,g] Europe (2010)
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