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Libraries curating evidence
School Library Association of Victoria Masterclass (2019)
  • Pru Mitchell, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
With their passion for information literacy and critical thinking, library staff are natural advocates for evidence–based practice. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers require knowledge and understanding of research across all career stages (Standard 1.2). If the role of the library is to ensure the community has the resources and knowledge it needs to improve learning, then an important part of this role is to ensure teachers and leaders have access to research related to learning. This session looks at how to keep up with research (especially ICT-related research) and to see dissemination of research as part of the library’s mission.
  • libraries,
  • evidence-based practice,
  • research literacy
Publication Date
September 13, 2019
Camberwell, Melbourne
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Pru Mitchell. "Libraries curating evidence" School Library Association of Victoria Masterclass (2019)
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