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Women Power Connect Obituary Mrinal gore: Vibhuti Patel
Women Power Connect Newsletter (2012)
  • Professor Vibhuti Patel

On 17th July 2012, Mrinal Gore passed away. With her demise, an era of women freedom fighters with feminist sensitivities in praxis is over. Inspired by Quit India Movement under leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, 14 year old young girl Mrinal became active in the freedom movement. Drawn to political and social causes, she gave up a promising career in medicine in order to organise the poorest and most powerless. She married her comrade, Shri Keshav Gore and when he died at a young age in 1958, she founded Keshav Gore Smarak Bhavan which provided democratic platform to progressive forces for debate and discussion, meetings and public gatherings, documentation and institutional base for Samajwadi Mahila Sabha, Bombay Nurses Association, Anganwadi Workers Union, Swadhar and innumerable issue-based action fronts involving liberals, socialists and left groups. In the sixties she worked as corporator and then as legislator. Her agitations were always related to basic issues — water, kerosene, inflation — and they were always fierce. But there was no violence ever, neither in her actions nor in her words. Even friends weren’t spared, if she was convinced they were wrong. She was revered and respected by the ministers and chief ministers of her time.

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  • child marriage,
  • power,
  • feminist,
  • agriculture,
  • shelter,
  • rights
Publication Date
Fall November 3, 2012
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Professor Vibhuti Patel. "Women Power Connect Obituary Mrinal gore: Vibhuti Patel" Women Power Connect Newsletter Vol. 10 Iss. 4 (2012)
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