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Despre Pedagogia creștină sau elemente ale instruirii în paginile Noului Testament
Educație și Spiritualitate (2014)
  • Ion Sorin Bora, University of Craiova
The New Testament provides for all time marks an absolute teacher, even if have strictly historically, a teacher and a church willing to hear the Word of Life. Progress disciples from fishermen and publicans the Apostles and teacher of the world can be theoretized and implemented in an ordinary school. But all Christian schools the teaching is known and appreciated. Rethinking the Gospel values in a school that seems to have tot-gotten that Christ is the supreme Teacher is quite normal. Pagan antiquity so beloved today especially condemned by Christianity values cannot be addressed without its proper location between Judaism and Christianity. School, either rabinic or Christian, boosted the teaching, not because any Apostle imposed new teaching methods, but because the wisdom of God was revealed in weakness. Despised people were valued by God. Placing values after weighing proves divine injustice weighing people in a word that values are not masters or teacher but servants of God's works.
  • New Testament,
  • Jesus,
  • Apostles,
  • Teaching,
  • values,
  • Gospel,
  • Antiquity,
  • disciples,
  • preach,
  • proselytes
Publication Date
Mitropolia Olteniei
2360 - 4603
Citation Information
Ion Sorin Bora. "Despre Pedagogia creștină sau elemente ale instruirii în paginile Noului Testament" CraiovaEducație și Spiritualitate (2014) p. 97 - 101
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