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„Cei tari“ şi „cei slabi“, după I Corinteni 8-10
Altarul Banatului (2012)
  • Ion Sorin Bora
Corinthian divisions were caused by some priests and bishops, preaching the teachings neophytes other than those received by revelation. St. Paul teaches that even to think more than "what is written" or revealed. They must not despise the "weak" for lack of knowledge because for those Christ died. 
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  • New Testament,
  • Corinthians,
  • Paul,
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Ion Sorin Bora. "„Cei tari“ şi „cei slabi“, după I Corinteni 8-10" Altarul Banatului Vol. XXIII (LXII) Iss. 7-9 (2012) p. 58 - 79 ISSN: 1220-8388
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