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Analysis of Factors Super Leadership Performance and Effects on Employee At. Plantation Nusantara V, Riau.
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The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of empowerment on employee performance, analyze
the influence on employee performance Involvement, Participation analyze the influence on the performance
of employees, analyzed the influence of these factors simultaneously empowerment, empowerment and Participation on employee
performance PTPN V, Riau..
The analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis, which is used to determine the effect of several independent variables
with the dependent variable, while the findings of this study indicate that empowerment was not able to improve the performance of
employees, so empowerment in leadership at the company level PTPN V Riau does not have influence proportional to the performance of employees, so the conclusion is there is not enough empirical evidence to accept hypothesis 1 (11) is. That is, empowerment is not able to improve employee performance..
  • Super leadership,
  • employee empowerment,
  • job involvement,
  • performance employee
Publication Date
Winter May 3, 2013
Publisher Statement
Management Science Department, Faculty of Economics, PGRI Adi Buana University, Surabaya
,East Java of Indonesia
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