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Impact of fuel oil subsidy increase performance of cutting and regional
Journal of Human Resource Management (2014)
  • ilham thaief ilham ilham, management
  • priyono iyon priyono, management
The purpose of writing this article is to investigate the impact of rising fuel subsidies to regional and sectoral
performance, while at the regional sectors directly affected by the rise in fuel prices is transportation and industrial sectors
while sectoral performance can lead to the creation of value-added industry experienced a decline in both the short term
and long term. On a positive position to reduce the burden of government spending in the budget and allocated for
development purposes and others. But with the fuel price hike is certain to lead to what is called a spiral effect. Spiral effect
that will arise is the increase in prices of all goods and services. By looking at the negative side, indicating that the activity of the sector in the economy can not be separated from other sectors in the economy, so the policy is directly related to the sector will impact on regional aspects which in turn will affect the macro economy.
  • Impact of Subsidies,
  • Increase Fuel,
  • Sector Performance,
  • Regional
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Spring August 30, 2014
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