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The Influence of Motivation and Discipline Work against Employee Work Productivity Tona’an Markets
Review of European Studies; (2015)
  • zaenal mustafa elqadri zaenal zaenal, management
  • dewi tri widjayati wardoyo dewi dewi
  • priyono iyon priyono, management
The purpose of this study was to determine and examine whether there is influence of motivation, and discipline
kerjai on employee productivity in office environments Bangkalan tona’an market?
The method used in this research is quantitative research approach with linear regression analysis techniques.
multiple. The population in this study were all employees of the office market tona’an Bangkalan of 20 people,
while samples in this study were all employees of the market tona’an some 20 people.
Results from this study is, the hypothesis that motivational effect on work productivity in office environments
market Tona’an Bangkalan district rejected / not proven. While the hypothesis Discipline influential work on
employee productivity in office environments tona’an market Bangkalan Received / confirmed.
  • motivation,
  • discipline of work and work productivity
Publication Date
Summer October 14, 2015
Publisher Statement
Correspondence: Priyono, Department of Management Studies Program, Faculty of Economics, University of
PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya, Dukuh Menanggal XII Surabaya, Indonesia. Tel: 62-812-1697-4878. E-mail: 
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