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The Influence of Leadership Styles, Work Environment and Job Satisfaction of Employee Performance
International Education Studies (2015)
  • teddy chandra teddy teddy, management
  • priyono iyon priyono, management
This research aims to know and test the influence of leadership styles, work environment and job satisfaction of
employees on performance.
Research methods with the use of a quantitative approach, the population in this study as many as 45 people
while the sample in this research is 45 people. In this study the researchers data analysis using SPSS Statistical
computer program version 20.0.
The results of this research is the leadership style has an impact on performance, the work environment also have
an impact on performance, job satisfaction has an impact on performance, and leadership style, work
environment and job satisfaction of influential performance signifiicant.
  • leadership style,
  • work environment,
  • job satisfaction,
  • the performance of employees
Publication Date
Summer December 29, 2015
Publisher Statement
Correspondence: Priyono, Department of Management Studies Program, Faculty of Economics, University of
PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya, Indonesia. Tel: 62-081-216-974-878. E-mail:
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