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International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences (2014)
  • priyono iyon priyono, management
Motivating role in the repair process of studying the subject management Department, University of Surabaya
BUANA PGRI ADI carried on half anomalies Human Resource Management academic year 2010/2011. This learning
process improvement tool is to improve student achievement that took HRM subjects, by providing motivation to
learn by trial and discussions at the beginning of the treatment course.
The method developed in this learning process improvement to take medication or to motivate students to learn
in a group. The first in the second group of students (class of parallel) are not given treatment motivated. The results
of the quantitative evaluation of the treatment given to motivate students are students with an A (25%), B (75 %), and
assess the C, D and E as well (0%). While a student at the value obtained parallel class A (8.35%), B (41.66%), C
(50%) and also assess the D and E (0%). Statistically by using t-test assessing student learning motivation given by
the reality of the level of 95% to the value given by the students who are not motivated to learn.
  • Motivation; Learning; HRM; Student achievement; Course management
Publication Date
Winter May 9, 2014
Publisher Statement
text of this article published in the open access journal IJEM, in volume 3, issue 4, 2014
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Priyono PI (2014) Role of Motivation in Learning Course on Human Resources Management Student Achievement Program Management Studies, Faculty of Economics Unipa Surabaya. Int J Econ Manag Sci 3: 195. doi: 10.4172/2162-6359.1000195
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