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Welfare Comparison of Electoral Systems under Power Sharing
Social Choice and Welfare (2016)
  • Marco Faravelli, University of Queensland
  • Priscilla Man
  • Bang Dinh Nguyen
We generalize Borgers' (2004) results to a broad class of power sharing electoral systems. We show that voluntary voting under a power sharing regime Pareto dominates both random decision making and compulsory voting. We also show, however, that voluntary voting is not socially optimal, as individuals vote too frequently.
  • Costly Voting,
  • Power Sharing,
  • Compulsory Voting,
  • Random Decision Making
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Citation Information
Marco Faravelli, Priscilla Man and Bang Dinh Nguyen. "Welfare Comparison of Electoral Systems under Power Sharing" Social Choice and Welfare Vol. 47 (2016) p. 413 - 429
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