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About Pramodh Kumar Reddy N


Present Faculty Member, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies


Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Business and Corporate Communications, Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics, Corporate Finance, Finance and Financial Management, Benefits and Compensation, Performance Management, Training and Development, International Business, International and Comparative Labor Relations, Management Information Systems, Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Strategic Management Policy, Technology and Innovation, Student Counseling and Personnel Services, Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Aeronautical Vehicles, Systems Engineering and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Management and Operations, Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Complex Fluids, Membrane Science, Other Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Polymer Science, Process Control and Systems, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Computational Engineering, Other Computer Engineering, Robotics, Power and Energy, Other Engineering Science and Materials, Metallurgy, Other Materials Science and Engineering, Energy Systems, Mining Engineering, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nuclear Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Operational Research, Other Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Administrative Law, Air and Space Law, Banking and Finance Law, Computer Law, Energy and Utilities Law, Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law, Oil, Gas, and Energy, and Leadership Studies

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