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Interrogating Discourses of Global Education: Reconceptualizing Education as a Common Good?
Research Intelligence
  • Prachi Srivastava, Western University
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This contribution analyses UNESCO's framework of education as a common good in the context of the Global South. It argues that dominant conceptions view education in a narrow, instrumentalist perspective. Despite its promise to reorient education as a broader social endeavour towards human wellbeing to lead meaningful lives (Sen, 1999), UNESCO's framework has failed to gain significant traction. I argue this is linked to challenges associated with: education and unemployment; global mobility and learning assessment systems; citizenship education; and the global governance of education policymaking.


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Srivastava, P. (2019). Interrogating discourses of global education: Reconceptualising education as a common good? Research Intelligence, 140, pp. 23-24.