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Unpublished Paper
The Power Of Positive Thinking
  • Marcus Allen, Kennesaw State University
Have you ever had the feeling that life hasn't been going the way you planned it would? Have situations in your life gotten you down? Do you find negative thoughts clouding your mind without you even noticing that the thoughts are there? This article on the power of positive thinking provides logical solutions to all of these common issues that people face. This work connects the power of positive thinking with four main points: what we think influences what we speak, what we speak influences the actions we take, the actions we take determine our lifestyle, and our lifestyle influences others. This entertaining article will not only captivate readers, but can be used as a guide in dealing with negative situations in a positive way.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking,
  • Positivity,
  • Power
Publication Date
Fall November, 2012
Citation Information
Marcus Allen. "The Power Of Positive Thinking" (2012)
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