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About Polly Welts Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman has been teaching at USM since 1995. Prior to that, she was a lecturer in History at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Dr. Kaufman is the author or editor of several books detailing women's history in the United States. She has published numerous articles and regularly reviews books for CHOICE, The Historical Journal of Massachusetts, and Maine History.
Dr. Kaufman has been the project director or principal researcher of many women's history trails, including The Boston Women's Heritage Trail, the Portland Women's History Trail, and the Walking Trail of Statues to Women in Oslo.
The recipient of two Fulbright Scholarships (Lecturer at the University in Tromsoe, Norway in March, 2005 and Roving American Studies Scholar in Norway from 1999-2000), Dr. Kaufman has maintained a ten-year relationship with American Studies scholars in Norway. In May 2011, she hosted the annual dinner of the Nordic Association of American Studies Conference where she also presented on The Transatlantic Woman and a Divided Heart: Dorothy Burton Skaardal.


Present Associate Professor, History, University of Southern Maine


Contact Information

Office: 55 Exeter Street
Phone: 780-4233