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Property rights protection and corporate R&D : evidence from China
Journal of Development Economics
  • Chen LIN, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ping LIN, Lingnan University
  • Frank SONG, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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Elsevier BV
  • Property rights protection,
  • Government grabbing hand,
  • Corporate R&D

Following the recent literature on institutions and economic growth, we examine the effects of property rights protection on corporate R&D. Using a unique 2003 World Bank survey of over 2400 firms in 18 Chinese cities, we obtain the following findings: (1) property rights protection is positively and significantly related to corporate R&D activity (for both process and product R&D); (2) government services and helping hand are conducive to corporate R&D, while informal payments to government officials are not; and (3) government ownership of firms and direct appointment of CEOs are negatively associated with corporate R&D activities. We also find that corporate R&D is positively related to firm size, and access to finance, but negatively related to product market competition and firm age

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Lin, C., Lin, P., & Song, F. (2010). Property rights protection and corporate R&D: Evidence from China. Journal of Development Economics, 93(1), 49-62. doi: 10.1016/j.jdeveco.2009.04.006