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公開考試主導下的「通識教育」學習經歷 : 高級程度通識教育科會考考試報告(1994-2005)分析
  • Po Keung HUI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Alternative Title
Learning experience in public-exam-oriented "Liberal Studies" : an analysis of AS Liberal Studies examination reports (1994-2005)
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Journal article
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  • 通識教育,
  • 學習經歷,
  • 公開考試

本文討論在公開考試的框架下,如何邁向教改和新通識科的課程目標。以1994-2005年的高級程度通識教育科 會考考試報告作為研究對象,本文嘗試找出公開考試的實際評分標準,並分析這些評分標準如何指導通識科 的實際教與學經歷,討論教師和學生應如何面對和處理公開考試,以更有效地讓通識科的課程目標在學生的 學習經歷中得到貫徹。

This paper discusses the question of how to achieve the curriculum objectives of the NSSLS subject within the public examination framework. Through studying the 1994-2005 AS Liberal Studies examination reports, this paper attempts to examine the actual grading criteria of the past LS examinations, and to analyze how these grading criteria have shaped teachers' and students' actual teaching and learning experiences. It then discusses strategies that teachers and students could adopt, in face of public examinations, to more effectively facilitate students' actual learning experiences that are in alignment with the LS curriculum objectives.

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許寶強 (2007)。公開考試主導下的「通識教育」學習經歷 : 高級程度通識教育科會考考試報告(1994-2005)分析。《香港教師中心學報》,6,30-40。