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Migrating to Alma: the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian
Ex Libris User Group of North America (ELUNA) Conference 2013
  • Ping Fu, Central Washington University
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This presentation will discuss how the roles of systems librarians are expected to change in migrating to Alma from other ILS systems such as Voyager or Aleph. Since Alma is deployed via cloud computing, Ex Libris will centrally implement applications, upgrades, enhancements, etc. Consequently, the roles and responsibilities of systems librarians will be changing, and systems librarians should re-engineer themselves accordingly so that they will be able to support more critical issues in the library.
Citation Information
Fu, Ping (2013) Migrating to Alma: the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian. In: ELUNA 2013, April 30 - May 3, 2013, Athens, GA.