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Characteristics of Mesospheric Gravity Waves Near the Magnetic Equator, Brazil, During the SpreadFEx Campaign
Annales Geophysicae
  • Michael J. Taylor, Utah State University
  • Pierre-Dominique Pautet, Utah State University
  • A. F. Medeiros
  • R. Buriti
  • J. Fechine
  • D. C. Fritts
  • S. L. Vadas
  • H. Takahashi
  • F. T. São Sabbas
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European Geosciences Union
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As part of the SpreadFEx campaign, coordinated optical and radio measurements were made from Brazil to investigate the occurrence and properties of equatorial Spread F, and to characterize the regional mesospheric gravity wave field. All-sky image measurements were made from two sites: Brasilia and Cariri located ~10° S of the magnetic equator and separated by ~1500 km. In particular, the observations from Brasilia provided key data in relatively close proximity to expected convective sources of the gravity waves. High-quality image measurements of the mesospheric OH emission and the thermospheric OI (630 nm) emission were made during two consecutive new moon periods (22 September to 9 November 2005) providing extensive data on the occurrence and properties of F-region depletions and regional measurements of the dominant gravity wave characteristics at each site.

Published by European Geosciences Union in Annales Geophysicae.

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Citation Information
Taylor, M.J., P.-D. Pautet, A.F. Medeiros, R. Buriti, J. Fechine, D.C. Fritts, S.L. Vadas, H. Takahashi, and F.T. Sao Sabbas, Characteristics of mesospheric gravity waves near the magnetic equator, Brazil, during the SpreadFEx campaign, Ann. Geophys. 27, 461-472, 2009.