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About Phillip M. Carter

Phillip M. Carter is a sociolinguist and scholar of language and culture in U.S. Latino communities. He works interdisciplinarily, moving between quantitative and qualitative approaches to sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, ethnography, and critical theory. His scholarship addresses a range of issues of contemporary concern, including the relationship between social formations and linguistic variation, Spanish language change in the U.S., maintenance and shift of Spanish in the U.S., and popular discourses about language.
In collaboration with Andrew Lynch (University of Miami), Carter's most recent work studies the implicit and explicit perceptions of Spanish and English among Latino and non-Latino residents of Miami.
He has authored and co-authored numerous chapters in books and papers in leading international journals, such as Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language in Society, and English World Wide. Carter is also the co-author of Languages in the World: How History, Culture, and Politic Shape Language with Julie Tetel Andresen. Read more here:


Present Affiliated Faculty, Women's & Gender Studies, Florida International University
Present Assistant Professor of Linguistics & English, Florida International University

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Contact Information

Modesto Maidique Campus
DM461A, 11200 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33139


Language in U.S. Latino Speech Communities (8)

Identity, Ideology, & Social Theory (5)

Spanish in the U.S. and Spanish / English Contact (2)

Prosodic Rhythm (3)

Critical Pedagogy (1)