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The Consolation of Queen Elizabeth I
  • Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.
  • Philip Edward Phillips, Middle Tennessee State University

This scholarly edition of Queen Elizabeth I's translation of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae includes an extensive Introduction that makes particular note of the Elizabeth’s educational preparation for translating the Latin text and the circumstances under which the translation was made, an edition of the translation that distinguishes first-draft inscriptions in which the queen was directly involved and second-draft inscriptions that reveal no supervisory attention by Her Majesty, extensive notes that allow readers to understand the relationship between the entries in Public Record Office Manuscript SP 12/289 and the order in which the entries are presented in the edition, and a glossary of problematic words appearing in the translation.

  • philosophy and religion,
  • happiness,
  • Latin literature—translations into English,
  • Elizabeth I,
  • Queen of England,
  • 1533-1603
Publication Date
Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies
Citation Information
Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips, ed. The Consolation of Queen Elizabeth I. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2009.