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Unexpected Journeys: A Trustee's Story
American School Board Journal
  • Philip P. Kelly, Boise State University
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Every month, high school students report the latest activities from their schools at our board meeting. Typically, most of the reports involve sports victories and defeats, dance themes, canned food drives, etc. But student reports from one school— Mount Cove High School, the alternative high school for the Boise, Idaho, School District—are not so typical. At Mount Cove, students talk about their monthly kiva, where they, the faculty, and community members share their excess clothing or housewares with each other. They report about the school’s efforts to have all students and faculty read a certain number of books. In the fall of 2006, Mount Cove’s monthly report unknowingly changed my life, as a trustee and as a human being.
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Philip P. Kelly. "Unexpected Journeys: A Trustee's Story" American School Board Journal (2009)
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