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Unpublished Paper
Implications of Global Warming: Two Eras
  • PHILIP E GRAVES, University of Colorado at Boulder
The purpose of the present paper is to attempt to gain insights into the implications of global warming that is anticipated in the future. In attempting to think about really long-term regional implications, it seems naïve to look at global warming without thinking about long-standing trends in other variables that would be expected to interact with climate change over time. I envision two quite different “eras,” a first filled with considerable danger of both economic and environmental collapse. But—if humanity survives the first period—a second period of great promise for humanity and the global ecosystem is likely to take place. The periods are discussed sequentially with an emphasis on the changing interactions among global climate, global population, international trade, population ageing, income growth and technological advance.
  • : Environmental portfolio,
  • Environmental doomster or pessimist,
  • Environmental boomster or optimist,
  • Porter hypothesis,
  • Future projections,
  • Population projections,
  • Income projections,
  • Socio-demographic projections
Publication Date
November, 2015
Citation Information
PHILIP E GRAVES. "Implications of Global Warming: Two Eras" (2015)
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