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Robert Vickrey: Lyrical Realist [videorecording]
Visual & Performing Arts Faculty Book and Media Gallery
  • Richard Camp
  • Philip Eliasoph, Fairfield University
  • Scott Vickrey
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A documentary of the American artist's life and work. Co-produced and co-directed by Richard Camp, Philip Eliasoph, and Scott Vickrey.
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Richard Camp, Philip Eliasoph, Scott Vickrey, Co-producers and Co-directors. (1986). “Robert Vickrey: Lyrical Realist [videorecording],” Sponsored by Fairfield University, Broadcast on PBS. CINE Golden Eagle Winner, 1986 for Documentary Film making


Copyright 1986 Fairfield University and Public Broadcasting

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Richard Camp, Philip Eliasoph and Scott Vickrey. "Robert Vickrey: Lyrical Realist [videorecording]" (1986)
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